About this web-site


This is an E-learning of the new European Regulation of REACH, which entered into force on 1. June 2007


Many companies are affected by REACH. However, not all actors are aware of this and of the duties they have under REACH.


The purpose of this web-site is to raise awareness of the new regulation and to support actors to learn how the new regulation will function. Only if all actors understand and accept the concept of this new chemicals regulation they will be able to fulfil their duties.


This E-learning addresses employees of all kinds of chemical using and trading enterprises including - but not limited to - function areas which may have little or no background knowledge on chemicals, e.g. sales personnel or persons employed in the purchasing department. But this E-learning is not limited to enterprises. It also addresses persons working for competent authorities.


By studying this E-learning you should be able to identify your own role under REACH and you should get the right vocabulary to start asking questions of how you will be affected. After this introduction you should also be able to study the more extensive guidelines provided by helpdesks, associations and other public bodies which will help you to prepare for and to implement REACH in your company.


Funding of the E-learning was initiated by the Danish EPA. At a later stage co-funding was found with the project partners themselves (see About us), but also from the German UBA, who has financed the evaluation of a prototype version, and implementation into German.


The material presented here is presently based on interpretations of the regulation text as available until June 1, 2007. It is expected that over the coming 1-2 years, a more consolidated understanding of the REACH regulation will be developed among the many stakeholders now heavily involved with preparing themselves for the regulation. New technical guidelines will also be developed.


You can find a list of important changes since the E-learning was implemented on the main menu under the point Clarifications


You can find instructions on how to use the E-learning on the main menu under the point Getting started.